Welcome to The Other Side, where I share my past experiences with things that interest me. I do not encourage readers to take my word as final, but to go experience it for yourselves. Have fun!

Letting Go (1)

On the ephemerality of emotions, letting go of negativity, and a glimpse into the miracle that is life.

Musings (13)

All desires seek the same thing Be it fame, fortune, feats, or status, we pursue our desires because the outcome is happiness. We take jobs because the financial security justifies it. We work on personal projects because we take pleasure in the endeavor. We go to war because we’re convinced that the folks on the…

On Empathy

The widely-accepted definition is the ability to understand what others are going through, to be able to see yourself in their shoes. Within this simple word lies the power to change the world. A fragment of the kaleidoscope Start by acknowledging the limits of our physical senses and mental capabilities. We can’t see UV lights,…

Musings (12)

“When the journey TO God ends, the journey IN God begins.” -Rupert Spira Death. It haunts us all, putting a full stop to our lives. The great equalizer, some call it. But it provides an interesting point of introspection into the nature of reality. That quest took me to the edge of a 19th story…

What nobody tells you about spirituality (4)

“The mechanism through which we view the world imposes its own limitations and makes the world appear in a way that is consistent with its own limitations. Therefore the way that reality appears depends on the structure of the mind that observes it.” -Rupert Spira on the nature of the mind We start off on…

Red (4)

Why do bad things happen to good fictional characters?


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