Dr. Heimler’s Journal (2)

Date: 10/11/1694

Six days have passed since the blizzard struck the city of Anaya. Despite the Lantharian winter keeping us trapped in the laboratory, research still continues, and our supplies should last us as predicted.

My work on the sample continues to yield results that defy conventional science. Hardness index higher than that of enchanted Surtnarian Gamylite (which is slightly harder than diamond), tensile strength off the charts, and an exponential heat capacity depending on the amount of energy exerted on the sample are among the results. The only thing that I have been able to deduce from my constant experimentation is that the sample becomes exponentially reactive to energy beyond a certain threshold, although I have yet to deduce what that is.

The matter-altering properties of the sample appear at higher energy levels consistently, affecting all matter in close proximity. The intrinsic properties of matter vary in different situations, with homogeneous changes appearing after extensive exposure. The properties altered are seemingly random, but the object exposed to the sample at high energies always emerges with improved function. Based off a series of over 15 experiments, my hypothesis is that the sample alters the properties of matter exposed to it based on its purpose, improving its functionality as a consequence. From what limited knowledge that we have been able to derive, the sample demonstrates behavior similar to that of a magical enchantment, or even alchemy.

Wanting to test my hypothesis, I consulted Garick, the resident mage who runs the laboratory, on the matter of my research. Upon conducting some basic magic tests, we discovered that the sample has further properties of being a powerful conduit for magic, resulting in Garick being able to alchemize 500 grams of Maculite from the same amount of chalk. Repeat tests have shown that a gentle beam of light focused through the sample being able to be amplified by up to a thousandfold depending on how Garick used the light beam. Intention and purpose, it seems, are the magus’s guiding tools to manipulate the effects of the sample. Garick and I agreed that my hypothesis had some merit, but we needed further verification from a true expert. While Lanthara was a leading expert in technology, we were still young in the development of our magic as a people, and as such we needed help. Garick had a contact in Vanar that would probably be willing to help us out, and so after contacting him; he arranged for a member of the Spellblade Order to accompany me for the remainder of my research. We to leave as as soon as the snow is cleared out.

Sample Information

Procurer:       Jake Hansen                                  ID:     3142DF32HC                        

Discovery date:  06  / 11 /  1694  

Item:        Crystal sample                                      Origin: Verar, Surtnar                


Discovered in a Maculite mine in Verar as an isolated crystal. Crystalline sample does not resemble any known minerals and also seems to be inert, but radiates a soft glow upon extraction. Possibly a magical conduit of some sort, given the toughness and magic-dampening properties of S-Maculite in the immediate vicinity. Further study on sample is highly recommended to understand the unique properties of S-Maculite compared to Maculite from anywhere else on the main continent.

Recommend storing in magic-insulated container, strongly suggest S-Maculite.

S-Maculite: Surtnarian Maculite

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