Dr. Heimler’s Journal (14)

A message to our kin

We were once an advanced people, making great advances in many areas, but we were far from perfect. Despite our flaws, we had so much potential for growth, and together as a people we overcame them and progressed so much further than any other race.

In spite of our potential, our hubris split our kind down the middle, and many innocents were caught in the firestorm that was the Ascended Civil War. In a matter of months, we destroyed so much of what we worked so hard to accomplish, and the end of the bitter conflict was one that scarred our beautiful world permanently. Having decimated far too many of our own kin, only a handful of us remained, and consequently we were forced to recede into the annals of history to survive the resulting cataclysm.

I remember the days when any of us could easily join you for a drink after work. I remember the days when we were truly connected to each other, where problems could be solved diplomatically. I remember a time before we branded one another “Angel”, or “Demon”.

This is a favor I ask of you, my kin. You may choose to answer the call of your own will, and if you do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but I hold no grudge against you if you choose not to.

To provide context for what I am about to ask of you, here is a summary of recent events from Heija:

Two days ago, two mortals, Pirean and Ana Heimler, the latter critically injured, teleported into the woods outside of Heija. Having taken them into our care, we discovered a few things:

I. They had been attacked by corrputed Sentinels that were once used by our kin in the Azure War. The attack took place over the Lantharian Sea, sinking a ship en route to Theon and swiftly leaving no survivors behind apart from the two that we picked up. Evidence for this was gleamed from their memories, which showed no signs of tempering. This is further supported by the reconnaissance familiars which were sent to survey to area. They reported a signs of a sunken ship and a swathe of destruction leading towards Heija, led by what appears to be a hideous amalgamation of an Oceanic Leviathan and a Colossus-class Sentinel under their control.

II. The hostile force is comprised of 64 Scout-Class Sentinel Units, and a Colossus-class Sentinel, all of which have been altered/corrupted to some degree. They exhibit new, unique attributes such as the ability to forcibly possess and mutate living creatures in addition to their already near-indestructible design. While an expeditionary force that size is not severe by itself, the implications that it has are dire. To provide context to the potential threat, it should be noted that that the Surtnarian Treaty at the end of the Ascended Civil War resulted in the Sentinels that were used in the war being deactivated or relocated to neutral locations such as Xalav, Theon, and Haven to be used as guardians. If the aforementioned force was indeed from Xalav, we have to assume that the rest of the slumbering Sentinels there are corrupted as well. This amounts to an unforeseen threat in recent times, one that may affect more than just us Ascended, but the rest of the living races on Evryn.

III. The methodology in which these corrupted Sentinels conducted their attack heavily resembled the tactics utilized by the 9th Grand Admiral, Lord Lyvran Fei during the Azure War campaign. For the purpose of informing the younger generation, he was charged with acts of sedition, treason, and corruption, imprisoned in the maximum security facility known as Xalav before the outbreak of the Ascended Civil War. Recent events and the lack of contact with the automated Guardian stationed in Xalav have led us to believe that he is indeed behind the moves of these corrupted Sentinels.

IV. The mortal world outside has progressed in the use of mana manipulation, or as they term it, magic. Their adoption of mana manipulation combined with emerging technology has lead to new thaumaturgical advances, such as elemental manipulation, mana barriers, temporary bionic augmentations, doppleganger creation, and even teleportation to a certain extent (though the results seem to be unreliable and inconsistent).

V. The older of the two human mortals who teleported into Heija, Pirean Heimler, is in possession of a small sample of Miraculum. While we as a race are oath-bound to a non-interference policy as dictated in the Surtnarian Treaty, we in Heija cannot help but recall the near-disaster that humans caused the last time that they got their hands on Miraculum. That being the destruction of Mount Minomato by the Magryon empire, which unfortunately also resulted in their own demise. Since then, the humans have formed a Grand Council based in Eastern Surtnar to govern their mages and maintain peace throughout Evryn through an order of Spellblades. Hopefully human nature will have changed since then, if not it could implicate disaster for all of us. 

We in Heija have helped the mortals recover and sent them on their way, and are already holding a stand against the corrupted Sentinels. Whether the same threat occurs elsewhere is but a mystery, so precautionary measures must be exercised wherever possible.

While it is reassuring to see the mortal races take charge of their own destiny, I sincerely believe that we as an ancient race ought to break our non-interference geas and step out of the shadows once again.  This is made more imperative by the re-discovery of Miraculum in the heart of Surtnar, and with that much unlimited power by their fingertips, we cannot afford to stand by once again while the rest of Evryn progresses. We owe it to them to help them rebuild this world which we destroyed, and teach them the proper ways of magecraft, so that they may inherit Evryn from us in the future.

This is the favor I ask of you, my kin, the last of the Ascended. I ask that we step out of the shadows and prepare to fight the threat from the north, no matter where we are. I ask that we forget our ancient allegiances, Angel or Demon, and step up for the greater good of Evryn. While the Surtnarian Treaty still technically binds the souls of all our kind, I call for the remaining members of the Ascended Council to assemble in Haven two weeks from now so that we may undo the geas and be able help Evryn and its mortal races freely. In the meantime, I ask of you this; help those around you as much as you can without fear, but within your boundaries, for we must be prepared to move forward with the world once more. Keep hope that mortals out there are capable of good, and to do our best, for it is all we can do for now.

As for us in Heija, we will hold the line. We must.

Avya-Evran, Aishthela Ivranah. 

Lady Sariel Emeria, 12th Grand Warden


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