Musings (3)

Our experience is known.

Yea, it’s common sense.

What is it that is aware of your experience?

Of course “I” am aware of my experience.

In happiness and sadness, in pain and pleasure, you are aware of your experience, are you not?


In childhood and adulthood, in the waking state and dreams during sleep, you are aware, no?


No matter the time and place, it is you who experiences it all, no?


What then can be said about the nature of this “I” who is aware of all things?

I dunno. I guess it’s just always there?

Keep going. Tell me more about this “I” that is aware of your experience.

I guess it’s always aware of all my experience.

Mhmmm. Could it be said that this “I” is untouched and unaffected by all experience?

Huh, I never thought of it that way before. I guess you could put it like that.

Not only that, could it not also be said that this “I” is also allowing of all experience, good or bad?

I don’t follow, why would “I” want to allow bad experiences to happen?

You are aware of your bad experiences too, no?

Yes, but I wouldn’t want them to happen to me or to anyone either.

What is it then, that is aware of these preferences that you have?

Of course I am, but that doesn’t answer why “I” would WANT to allow bad experiences to happen.

What is it that is aware of these WANTS of yours?

I am. But it doesn’t answer the question.

Are you your WANTS and desires?

No. Of course I’m not my wants and desires.

Exactly. Does it not mean that the “I” that you are is prior to all thought, feeling and sensation?

What does that mean?

Just as you experience itself is the object, and this “I” that you claim to be therefore must be the witnessing subject to all experience, no?

That is true, but that still doesn’t answer why “I” would allow bad things to happen.

It’s not a matter of preference, because “I” is allowing of ALL experience, good or bad.


Why else would people put themselves through amazing feats of endurance or strength that almost kill them? Why else would people enjoy sad romance stories, horror flicks, thrill rides, BDSM, lengthy science equations and all manner of other things that you may or may not like?

I suppose they find happiness in that, even though I wouldn’t want to put myself through them.

Indeed. Does it not mean that the “I” that we all are is allowing of ALL experiences and preferences?

When you put it like that, yes.

The unconditional acceptance of all things is the nature of “I”, but tell me more.

Wait. I get the former, but aren’t YOU supposed to tell me more?

Who better to ask a question about you other than yourself?

I guess “I” am present in all my experience, good and bad.

Go on.

What do you want me to say?

This “I” that you speak of, if we were to put it into words, could it be said to have a space-like quality?


Just as the space in a room is not affected by the objects occupying it, so too is the “I” that you are unaffected by objects of your experience. “I” am not affected by time either, for “I” continue to be aware from birth to death of the body, through waking and sleep.

Yes, I guess it makes more sense when you put it like that.

Close your eyes.


Does this “I”, this space-like consciousness that you are, have any border, an edge?



Does this “I” have any discernable characteristics? Color? Favorite Ice-cream?



Does this “I” have an expiry date of any kind? Was it born? Could it die?



Where did you go to to come up with these answers?


I guess “I” just know. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Could it be that the “I” that you speak of is self-aware? That “I” knows itself without need of any descriptions?


Are you aware?



How do you know that you are aware?

I just know.

Indeed. Perfectly ordinary, is it not?

I guess you could say that. But what does it mean?

Whenever faced with a challenging situation, just remember who you really are. Inherently free, inherently fulfilled. The rest will fall into place.

What do you mean by falling into place?

Always better to make decisions from a calm, neutral place, no?

That is true.

Best case, your clear mind comes up with a creative solution. Worst case, you can accept the situation as is.

True, because you don’t create more problems for yourself. It’s like going with the flow.

Just as all your fears and anxieties rise up, meet them with open arms, for they will dance around for a while before leaving by themselves.

That’s quite a reassuring way to look at things, like ‘this too, shall pass’.

The room does not complain about furniture, nor does the sky fret about the clouds.

Thank you.


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