Musings (7)

Do you see beauty in everything?

In love, where our significant others are the most beautiful beings in body, mind, and soul. Every moment is fresh and wonderful, and the world is tinted in a rosy shade. We feel as if our relationship is infinite, that all possibilities with this person are endless, and that we wouldn’t mind spending the rest of our lives to them.

In itself, where one is taken aback by the sheer wonder and pristine-ness of that which is being observed, that such beauty can speak to the depths of our soul, as if the artist knows what it means to be human, to be us. It takes our breaths away, and leaves us stranded in the moment, one where we have no desire to be elsewhere, nor else-when.

In achievements and disasters, where the human spirit shines brightest as folks come together to help each other, regardless of the obstacles. As the labels fall away, what is left is the recognition of ourselves in the other, a deeper understanding that through helping others, we end up saving ourselves.

In hope and sadness, where stories give way to tragedies so beautifully weaved that we cannot help but shed tears for fictional characters that we will never meet but connect with deeper than anybody we ever know.

In thrill and danger, where the edge that we push gives way to a flow that comes not just from the adrenaline, but from the absence of thoughts in the moment. To know that we can push ourselves that close to annihilation and find ourselves in the flow instead, more alive than before.

In pain and pleasure, where all peripheral thoughts fade away, leaving behind clarity on what truly matters. To know that no amount of pain will ever break the spirit, and to feel the relief that clarity brings, and paradoxically, appreciate what one already has.

I wonder if you see beauty in all (or as many as possible) things?

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