Musings (13)

All desires seek the same thing

Be it fame, fortune, feats, or status, we pursue our desires because the outcome is happiness. We take jobs because the financial security justifies it. We work on personal projects because we take pleasure in the endeavor. We go to war because we’re convinced that the folks on the other side stand between us and peace/happiness.

In fact, it’s the reason why humans do anything in the first place.

It’s quite the fascinating realization that though their paths differ, both sinners and saints are fundamentally similar. And perhaps that’s enough for us to put our differences aside.

Addiction isn’t a defect, it’s a symptom

Let’s continue with the train of thought. What about those who find themselves in dark situations? Those who suffer day in and out and have nowhere else to turn to?

And that’s the premise: nobody wants to suffer. But what if the only escape in these moments were pills, alcohol, sex, and violence?

Society (and psychology) as a whole operates under the assumption that addiction is a disease when it is, in fact, the symptom of a person unable to solve the riddle of happiness. When given a choice to be better, wouldn’t anybody take that path? And in the unfortunate event that they relapse, can you truly blame them?

The underline here is that all addicts are human beings like us; seeking happiness.

A cause for connection

And it’s a much more beautiful way to live; to know that everybody you see values truth, love, justice, and happiness as much as you do?

Consider the following-

Curiosity: What if somebody had a fun insight on their path that aids us on our own journey?

Compassion: Be kind to everybody, everybody’s on their own journey after all.

Commonality: So what if our interests and experiences differ? We all love happiness after all.

Celebration: That’s a great way to share pizza, peace, and happiness.

Connection: Underneath all the differences; I see myself in you, and you are enough.

P.S: I’m done using word with ‘c’ in them. Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. You have a wonderful, inspiring way with words. The only person responsible for your happiness, is YOU. Greetings from Tasmania πŸ˜€


    1. Nigel Ng says:

      Greetings from Malaysia on my part! I would love to take you around if you ever find the opportunity to come over πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That would be awesome 😎 I love Tasmania too much. I tell the tourists β€œwe only go on holidays just to remind us how good it is here!” For me, it’s true, but you never know πŸ˜€


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