Yellow M&M’s and Trainers (4)

So goes the saying,
Fats and salts be damned.
I’ll be hating,
Cos it’s a big sham.

Our 1980’s demonized all fat,
as sugar consumption shoots up.
The 2010’s saw health go splat,
and a pandemic-obesity is what’s up.

Fact: your body needs glucose,
to be functioning.
Fuel is its purpose,
that keeps all your cells living.

Fact: when it comes to fructose,
it be wondering.
Only one organ takes the dose,
that’s your liver suffering.

Fruits are nice and sweet,
but the fiber’s a bro as such.
It’s easy on your teeth,
and the sugars don’t get absorbed much.

Candies, too are nice and sweet!
No fiber, but glucose and fructose on a team.
Apart from screwing your teeth,
that shit’s now in your bloodstream.

That’s sucrose in a nutshell,
half glucose, half fructose, but you’re aloof.
It’s only gonna bring hell,
as your glucose intake goes through the roof.

Liver’s working overtime,
“Gotta convert that fructose to glucose!”
There’s no breaktime,
“Other cells gotta get their dose!”

Well, here’s the situation:
Far too much excess glucose now.
“Convert it to glycogen!!”
That’s your liver solving the how.

But that’s the reality,
More glycogen, more fat, that’s the malady.
Now that you’re stuck with a belly,
I guess they’ll be calling you a fatty.

Like a drug, it messes with your dopamine, alters your mentality.
You don’t know, but you’re addicted to these little bits of serendipity.
Truth is, you pay for these cravings with cash and insulin sensitivity.
When you’re finally taking insulin jabs you realize the tragedy.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet.
Truth is bitter.

The sugary truth is bittersweet.

That’s my attempt at poetry, though the description of the exact mechanism may be a little skewed through dramatization. While indulging in cake and milkshakes once in a while isn’t going to send you to the emergency room, the point here is that long term consumption of sugar can really rack up damage on you already burdened liver. Not only have I lost many a loved one to diabetes, its present in both paternal and maternal sides of my family, so it’s something I’m cautious about. Plus, it’s also the number one enemy in the way of a six-pack.

There are many studies regarding the effects of sugar on the human body, but here are 5 resources that I would recommend, ranging from in-depth to casual reading for those of you who are interested.


  1. The Toxic Truth About Sugar by Robert H. Lustig, Laura A. Schmidt, Claire D. Brindis; Nature, Vol 482, February 2012.
  2. Normal Roles for Dietary Fructose in Carbohydrate Metabolism by Maren R. Laughlin; Nutirents, Aug 2014.
  3. Metabolic effects of fructose and the worldwide increase in obesity by Tappy L., Le KA; Physiol Rev, Jan 2010.
  4. Why Fructose is bad for you by Kris Gunnars.
  5. WHY Sugar is as Bad as Alcohol (Fructose, The Liver Toxin) by What I’ve Learnt.

That being said, I hoped you enjoy it, and as usual, don’t forget to leave a comment, a like, and have a great day wherever you are!!

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