Thank you!! (+Feedback)

Hey, I’ve been writing for about 3 months in, and I’m absolutely grateful for all the support that you have given me so far <3. Now for the next (mis)adventure on The Other Side, I would like to get some feedback on the stuff that I’ve been writing about so far.

So first thing is to address the current series’ that I am working on; namely Dr. Heimler’s Journal and Yellow M&M’s & Trainers.

As for the former, I am in the middle of writing the next chapter, constantly re-writing parts of the chapter occasionally as I prowl through tips on character development and integrating them into a coherent story line, as action (as much as I love it), isn’t the only thing to a good story. I’ve learnt a fair bit from when I first started, especially with Heimler, though his motives aren’t necessarily flushed out as well (looking back), and so given a chance I’d like to work on it again, but what’s done is done. I’m actually looking forward to completing the second half of his story, and I hope that you guys are as well.

After a Skype call between me and my sister, who was so overwhelmed with her final year of studies and an internship that she’s struggling to keep fit, I finally understood firsthand the problem of living and working. I started the series with the intention of reaching out to people like myself and her, who are already working and busy with being an adult. Looking back, while some of the posts were kinda rant-y, some slightly more loaded with fact, but the base intention has always been the same: to give fitness advice in the form of anecdotes for you guys. For the future, I want to break down the science behind fat loss and muscle gain, then putting together a short, simple workout series that’s gonna take a short time, but efficient in what it does. I’m looking forward to dropping some of them knowledge bombs from my 4 years of fitness experience, and maybe they’ll help you too 😀

As for the majority of my readers, I happen to know that you guys are here because of the travel and food posts, and I’m grateful for the support you guys have shown for my series in Fiji!! Now, while I may not be able to travel much more at the moment, I’m working through my previous diary and travel-log entries during my time backpacking in Europe, so those will be uploaded someday, but not anytime soon ;d

Food-wise, well, I’m in Malaysia, and in this strange country that I happen to call home, there’s plenty to be had. In a nutshell: look forward to MORE food, cos there’s lots to be had.

Other than that. I want to take this time to extend my sincerest and deepest gratitude to my audience for sticking with me this far, and making my time writing on the internet a fun one.

What content do you guys want to see next? Comment below, I always Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!



P.S: Have any comments that you ever received look like they come from dodgy sites? I seem to encounter that occasionally :/


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