An ode to silence

Silence is a beautiful mistress.

Her embrace a fountain of wisdom,

Her kiss a flash of clarity,

Her womb a source of joy.

One day a pact we made,

A tryst through form of hide and seek we played,

Where I sought her in all things, far and wide,

And in the cleverest of places she’d hide.

I thought myself clever and gallant,

Brave and capable, strong and brilliant,

And so I set out in a search for her.

Through mountains I trekked,

Through rivers I searched,

Through cities I looked,

Through crusades I fought,

Through pursuits I sought,

Through ambitions I thought,

Never once did I glimpse her.

When my feet bled from running far and wide,

When my stubbornness no longer fueled my stride,

When my thoughts cannot help but lash out in spite,

I gave up, a vow to no longer try.

And just as I resigned,

I find myself in her embrace,

Because she never left me in the first place.

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